Excavator Stuck

IMG_2873Tractor Farm is like many other farms. There is a lot of inherited junk. We do not own Tractor Farm, which is sometimes a struggle when it comes to how much work to do…and when there is lots of broken junk lying around a nice place.

Pieces of pvc greenhouses, planting pots, broken wooden crates with nails, plastic bags, shoes (?), broken buckets… Pieces of a lot of things that were covered by piles of blackberry.

Hence, Tractor Farm. Big machinery necessary for blackberry mow down and junk removal. The story our 2.5 year old son tells about when a borrowed, rented excavator got stuck in the muck is called, “Excavator Stuck”. Unfortunately, it’s a true story but luckily there is a happy ending where the excavator goes home.


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